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Throop Wellness

         Pets cannot tell us when they’re not well, so regular checkups are an important tool to keeping your pets healthy.  We recommend regular wellness appointments for the same reasons your physician and dentist recommend them; they’re the best way to prevent or detect disease early and intervene before serious health conditions arise.  Our veterinarians will address any concerns you may have, follow with any wellness & preventative care, administer vaccinations and/or diagnostics when needed.   Certified technicians and our exceptional veterinarians look to share their knowledge with you, the pet owner, so you can make the best decision for you and your pet.  Our ultimate goal with preventative medicine is to help your pet live a longer, happier life. We examine them from every wet nose to each wagging tail.


During your pet’s wellness exam, we will make recommendations for vaccine schedules specific to their age, species, breed, state guidelines and lifestyle.  

Parasite testing & prevention

Bugs are gross, who wants them living IN or ON our loved companions? Here at MVH we provide testing, prevention and treatment for a multitude of parasites. 

Nutritional guidance

Our veterinarians can help you select the best food, treats and portions to best suit your pets needs. 

In house diagnostics

With our advanced in house diagnostic tools we are capable of retrieving results within several minutes helping us to better asses and treat your pet quickly and effectively. 


Pharmacy – MVH has a Certified Veterinary Technician working diligently Monday through Friday for ease of refilling your pets medications. 

Permanent identification

Did you know 1 out of 3 pets go missing?  A microchip can help your lost pet return home safely and quickly.

Preventative care

These appointments help our veterinary staff establish a baseline for your healthy pet, and in turn make it easier to detect any changes and compare as we observe your pet’s health change over time.  

Pain management

Animals can experience acute and chronic pain due to old age changes, injuries, diseases and /or long term medical conditions. We want to address the underlying issues and devise a plan to make your pet more comfortable. 

Puppy/Kitten visits

It is important to get your new puppy or kitten examined at approximately 8 weeks of age.  At that time your veterinarian will recommend deworming, initial vaccinations and preventatives to keep your new best friend on the right track of health! 

Technician office visits

Our educated staff of veterinary technicians are well trained to perform services that include, but are not limited to, nail trims, anal glands, vaccination boosters, subcutaneous fluids and laboratory testing. 


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