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Throop Urgent Care and Surgical Center

         Our urgent care center was developed to aid our clients, as well as our community, in times of need of urgent, non-emergent situations.  Similar to a human urgent care, we are here to care for your pet when their unanticipated health concern doesn’t warrant a trip to an emergency clinic, but does warrant  sudden care.  An urgent care veterinarian will assess your pet, perform diagnostics if necessary, and then determine the most effective treatment plan that best suits you and your pet.   Along with our urgent care, we are very proud of our facility’s  modern surgical suite, with advanced monitoring equipment, providing us with the ability to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures while keeping your pet’s safety a number one priority.   We strive at making our patients, as well as our clients, as stress free and comfortable as possible.

Companion laser therapy

Laser therapy effectively treats both chronic and acute conditions while stimulating the natural healing process on the cellular level in damaged and dysfunctional tissues.

Routine & Advanced Surgeries

Our phenomenal team of veterinarians are capable of performing routine and advanced surgeries. Surgeries commonly performed at MVH include, but are not limited to, spay, neuter, hernia repair, enucleation, gastropexy, laceration repair, splenectomy, cystotomy, ectropion and entropion surgeries.


We may use radiographs alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools to obtain valuable information regarding your pets bones, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, or genitourinary system. Our state of the art digital radiograph machines reduce radiation to our staff and patients, while giving us images within seconds. 

In house diagnostics

With our advanced in house diagnostic tools we are capable of retrieving results within several minutes helping us to better asses and treat your pet quickly and effectively. 


Ultrasonography, or ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging technique that allows us to visualize certain organs very thoroughly, including the heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bladder, spleen, and intestines to aid in diagnoses. 

Same Day Urgent Appointments

Typically when our pets are in need of urgent care, we can’t always plan ahead.  MVH realizes this and has a doctors entire schedule dedicated daily to seeing patients in need of urgent care. 


There are a wide range of potential arrhythmias, or heart rhythm disturbances, that are seen in small animals. An ECG provides a very accurate way for our veterinarians to assess your dog’s heart rhythm.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Arterial blood pressure is essential for adequate perfusion of tissues, delivering oxygen for energy demands. The ability to measure and monitor blood pressure trends provides important data about patient cardiovascular status and may help define approach to treatment. 

Dental Cleanings and Extractions 

While we perform similar tasks you’re familiar with your dentist performing, our don’t like to sit very still.  Canine and feline patients require sedation, intubation, dental scaling, polishing and potentially extractions. 

Aesculight surgical laser 

Our state of the art surgical laser aids in minimal bleeding, decreased pain, and faster recovery times than a traditional scalpel blade.  



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